Do you have what it takes to train like your Rise Above Fitness family?! Give it a go with this Psycho Saturday workout!

Directions: Complete circuit A into *; Complete circuit B into *; Complete circuit C into *; Complete circuit D into *; Complete circuit E into *; DONE!

Rules: You do not have to complete all reps for each movement at once, you can go back and forth between each of the movements in the same circuit. You must complete all reps for both movements in each circuit before moving to the next circuit. You don't have to go in order A, B, C, etc. Strategize so you finish within the time cap. You must complete the *200m Rower + Ab Movement in between each circuit and before moving to the next circuit. You have a 40 minute time cap - GO!

Let us know how you did! And send us a picture!


Psucho Saturday