Rise Above Fitness PERSONAL TRAINING MEMBERSHIP provides clients with unlimited access to the gym and equipment during regularly scheduled gym hours, in addition to, a 4-week training program (programming changes every 4-weeks), nutrition/supplement guide, body fat testing, and one-on-one personal training sessions.

PERSONAL TRAINING is perfect for clients struggling to get started with a gym routine, intimidated by weight training and learning proper lifting technique, experienced with training but not getting the results they're looking for, needing to lose body fat, injured or suffering from a medical condition, looking to train for a specific sport, or even just bored with their current gym routine.

Not sure if working with a personal trainer is worth the time and money? Here are a few advantages - PERSONAL TRAINING teaches clients how to lift correctly and avoid injury, and if you're already experiencing injury, PERSONAL TRAINING will assist with rehab. Don't stress about going to the gym and not knowing what to do. PERSONAL TRAINING guides you through your workouts so you train more effectively and efficiently. For those "I don't want to train days", PERSONAL TRAINING will help hold you accountable and assist you with maintaining your commitment to yourself and living a healthier lifestyle. Never get board with the same workout routine. PERSONAL TRAINING will help keep your workouts new and exciting, allowing your mind and body to stay engaged.

Our PERSONAL TRAINING MEMBERSHIP is available for both men and women. All fitness levels welcome.