Here’s the 411 on Rise Above Fitness Trainers!

Rise Above Fitness, LLC does not employ personal trainers. ALL personal trainers are Independent Contractors who operate their own business out of Rise Above Fitness’ facility in Huntington Beach, CA. 

What does this mean?
All contractors own and operate their own personal training business; meaning, contractors have the sole discretion and control of the operation of all services including determining the method, means, and manner in which these services are performed, without the advice, control, or supervision of Rise Above Fitness, LLC. 

Independent contractors release, indemnify, and hold harmless Rise Above Fitness, LLC from each, every and all claims both in law and equity against Company; therefore, Rise Above Fitness cannot be held responsible or liable for any independent contractors’ operation of their business. Should any client/member have any concerns relating to the operation of an independent contractor’s business, they should initially contact the independent contractor directly. Should client/member be unable to resolve any issue with any independent contractor, Rise Above Fitness, LLC may assist client/member. All questions, comments, and/or concerns should be emailed directly to rise Above Fitness at

What is the cost to train client’s at Rise Above Fitness?
Rise Above Fitness, LLC does not pay personal trainers as employees. All independent contractors rent Rise Above Fitness’ facility in accordance with Company's rental rates – rent is paid on a monthly basis.  Rise Above Fitness does not provide rental rates electronically or via email. If any contractor is interested in brining their business to Rise Above Fitness, please send an email to info@riseabovefitness to schedule a meeting with Company's Chief Executive Officer and/or Chief Financial/Operating Officer. 

Are there any requirements to becoming an Independent Contract with Rise Above Fitness?
All contractors are required to carry current professional liability insurance covering property damage and bodily injury in the amount of at least “$1,000,000 per occurrence” and name Rise Above Fitness, LLC and landlord as additional insured. Certificate of Insurance must be provided to Company prior to conducting business out of Company’s facility. 

Rise Above Fitness, LLC does not lock their independent contractors into any long-term agreements. All contractor agreement terms are month-to-month; however, contractors must provide Rise Above Fitness, LLC with 60-days notice to terminate their contract with Company.

Interested in becoming an independent contractor, working out of Rise Above Fitness?

Click HERE for more information on joining the RAF team; or, please send an email to NOTE: We do not provide pricing for independent contractors electronically or via email.